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LEEF@ Plant Food


  LEEF?, Complete nutritional components with chelated macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients.fast dissolution, less leaching loss, high efficiency and fast action.
  Containing active biology substance, fertilizer synergist,create a healthier growing environment.
  Increasing flower and fruit bearing, providing long-term insect and disease protection.
  Promoting fruit enlargement, providing long-term insect and disease protection.
  Nutrient rapid absorption, plants returned to growth promptly.
  Can be applied to vegetables, grass, fruit crops, cottons, corns, peanuts, rice, garlic, soybean crops etc.It is used as a foliar feed to correct nutrient deficiencies in various agricultural and horticultural crops.
  Dissolve 1 kg product in300 kg water and Spraying on leaves every 10 days.
  Do not use with pesticides especially basic types. Do not use if heavy rain or sun exposure is expected.

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